Hikvision Ultra Series Swing Barriers DS-K3B801SX-L/MPg-Dp65

Harga Spesial Rp84.916.224 Harga Reguler Rp116.323.594
Deskripsi Produk

Deskripsi Produk

TCP/IP network communication: The communication data is specially encrypted to relieve the concern of privacy leak
Permissions validation and anti-tailgating
Bidirectional (Entering/Exiting) lane:The barrier opening and closing speed can be configured according to the visitors flow
The barrier will be locked or stop working when people are nipped
Self-detection, Self-diagnostics, and automatic alarm
Audible and visual alarm will be triggered when detecting intrusion, tailgating, reverse passing, climbing over barrier, and overstay
Fire alarm passing: When the fire alarm is triggered, the barrier will be open automatically for emergency evacuation.


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RangeManagemen Kontrol Akses
Product/Component TypeAccess controller & Reader
SubseriesUltra Swing Barriers
Card TypeEM;M1
Card Capacity60000
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