Schneider TeSys LT47 electronic over current relays - manual - 3...30 A - 200...240 V AC - LT4730M7S

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Deskripsi Produk

TeSys LR47 electronic overcurrent relay, 30A/690V, with manual reset, to be supplied with 200-240V AC, for protection of motors with a rated current 3-25A.

It provides 3 dials to adjust the protection, LOAD (3-30A) for the overcurrent level, O-TIME (0.3-10sec) for the acceptable duration of the overcurrent, D-TIME (0.5-30sec) for the starting duration.

In addition, the device trips when there is a missing phase during more than O-TIME.

The device has a reset button, a test/stop button, 2 LED indicators (Run/Trip), 2 auxiliary contacts 1NO+1NC for fault signalling.

Settings can be locked by sealing the transparent cover.

DIN rail mounting, without power terminals (currents monitored by 2 current transformers crossed by the motor cables).

Multi standards certified (IEC, UL, CSA, CCC, EAC), it conforms to RoHS/REACh regulation.


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