Schneider TeSys fuse-disconnector - fuse cartridge 10 x 38 mm - gG 16A - w/o indication - DF2CN16

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Deskripsi Produk

Deskripsi Produk

This is a NFC fuse cartridge for TeSys GS switch-disconnector fuses devices.

It is a gG fuse-link that protects against thermal overloads and magnetic over currents, used in standard applications.

Its current rating is 16 A and the maximum rated voltage is 500 VAC.

It is a cylindrical fuse (NFC type), the dimensions are 10mm x 38mm.

It has no striker to indicate when the fuse is blown.

This fuse is sold by set of 10 parts.


Informasi lebih lanjut
RangeTeSys fuse-disconnector
Product/Component TypeCartridge Fuse
Rated Current2 A
Rated Operational Voltage500 V AC
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