Schneider Masterpact NT voltage release MX - 200..250 V DC/AC 50/60 Hz - 47363

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Deskripsi Produk

Deskripsi Produk

This is a MX opening voltage release for fixed Masterpact NT and NW devices.

Its rated voltage is 200VDC to 250 VDC or 200VAC to 250 VAC 50/60Hz.

It is an auxiliary used for emergency off or remote opening applications.

This auxiliary opens the circuit breaker when the control voltage Un rises above 70% of its rated voltage Un.

It complies with IEC 60947-2 standard.

Masterpact device can be equipped with 1 MX, 1 XF and 1 MN auxiliaries.


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Product/Component TypeAir Circuit Breaker
Control Circuit Voltage200...250 V AC 50/60 Hz 200...250 V DC