Schneider EasyCan Capacitor - 25/30 kvar - 400 V - 50/60Hz - BLRCS250A300B40

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Deskripsi Produk

Deskripsi Produk

EasyCan capacitor are designed to work in slightly polluted netwroks with Detuned reactors.

These capacitors are used for standard operating conditions, and when no significant non-linear loads are present.

These capacitor are the right choice to maximize the savings in an electrical system which is stable.

This capacitor provides a rated output power of 25 kVar at 400V AC, 50 Hz.

Fastening assured by a ClampTite terminal.

This component meet the standards IEC 60831-1 and IEC 60831-2.

The case product weight is 2.3 kg.


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